The museum

In the charming and warm setting of our old cellars, we invite you for a visit of our Corkscrew and Vineyard Museum and for a tasting of our Chablis Wines.


Walking through the  8 rooms of the “Corkscrew and Vineyard Museum”, you will discover Alain GEOFFROY’s private collection of more than 9000 items: corkscrews, old tools and rare antics related to the vineyard skills, among which a beautiful selection of silver tasting cups (tastevins).

Over the years, Alain GEOFFROY has managed to gather a unique collection of almost 5000 corkscrews from the 18th century to the present day, coming from all over the world and of all kinds: lever action, cage, zig-zag, Thomasson, Presto…

The museum also houses an impressive collection of old traditional tools restored with great care: marc-cutters, barrel scales, bottling equipment, secateurs or sulfate sprayers, all displayed as a testimony of the vineyard past skills.


At the end of your visit, you are most welcome to join us for a tasting of our Chablis wines, with the opportunity to buy a few bottles to take away.

Additional details

Opening hours :
Monday to Friday : 8 to 12 am / 2 to 5 pm
Non guided tour submitted to an entrance fee / Open on Saturdays during the summer period
Groups upon request – Free parking

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